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Good Housekeeping’s View on Female Breadwinners

Posted on: August 14, 2010

This Good Housekeeping article came up on the front page of Yahoo! titled “Don’t Let Money Problems Ruin Your Marriage.” My parents constantly fought about money issues as I was growing up, so I couldn’t resist reading this. The article consists of five so-called “money problems” that couples should work on avoiding. And look at what #3 is:

3. When Women Are the Breadwinners
Women are the breadwinners in one out of three dual-income families today. Although earning more money can be beneficial, it also challenges traditional gender roles, so that wives may feel guilty about putting less time into mom duties while husbands may feel like they’ve failed somehow. Set up equal spending rights with your spouse so that you’re both on the same page.

True, woman-headed households can cause tension because of the traditional gender roles we are brought up with, but calling it a “money problem” is a bit too much. The questions that should be asked here are: why do some wives feel guilty that they’re putting less time into “mom duties?” What are “mom duties?” Why do men feel like failures if they’re not breadwinners? Now, the solution is spot-on: setting up equal spending rights with your spouse. But shouldn’t this apply to heterosexual couples where the man is the breadwinner, not to mention same-sex couples? This article just really rubbed me the wrong way.

/rant of the day


1 Response to "Good Housekeeping’s View on Female Breadwinners"

It IS called ‘Good Housekeeping’ after all. You know, real womyn’s issues.

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